Top Choice Museum in Groningen

Groninger Museum

Those arriving by train can't help but notice the Groninger Museum. Occupying three islands in the ring canal in front of the station, the museum is, at the very least, a striking structure that will draw an opinion…
Top Choice Museum in Groningen

Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum

This engaging tour of the lives of seamen and the ships they sailed unfolds through the set of buildings that once comprised a 16th-century distillery. Going through the labyrinth of 18 rooms is a navigational feat …
Church in Groningen


This huge 16th-century church commands the northeast corner of the Grote Markt. By any standard, the 96m-tall Martinitoren strikes a finely balanced profile. A climb to the summit (251 steps!) yields grand views and…
Synagogue in Groningen


Groningen's synagogue is one of the few working synagogues left in the country. Sporting Moorish adornments, the century-old structure now houses a school and a temporary exhibition space; its beautifully restored w…
Public Art in Groningen


This urinoir was designed by no less than Rem Koolhaas, with an arresting photo collage. For once it also includes a female facility. It's two blocks west of the Aa-kerk picturesquely standing by the canal.
Tower in Groningen


The 96m-tall Martinitoren strikes a finely balanced profile. A climb to the summit (251 steps!) yields grand views and worrisome proximity to the giant bells. Purchase admission tokens at the VVV.
Museum in Groningen

Nederlands Stripmuseum

This museum covers the work of Holland's and Belgium's most renowned comic artists and their creations, including Tintin (here known as Kuifje), Suske & Wiske and, oddly, Donald Duck.
Gardens in Groningen


Take a breather at the serene gardens of Prinsenhof, a 16th-century mansion.
Historic Building in Groningen


This mansion dates from the 15th century when it was a residence for the Brethren of the Common Life. After a thorough reconstruction in the late 16th century, stadhouders (chief magistrates) resided here for two ce…
Square in Groningen

Grote Markt

The main square holds some gems, of which the Town Hall, dating from 1810, is the most dazzling. The string of cafes along the south side are perpetually buzzing. A 1950s melange that sprang up on the east side foll…