Top ChoiceChurch in Gouda

Sint Janskerk

Sint Janskerk

Impressive for both its size and its magnificent stained-glass windows, Sint Janskerk had chequered beginnings: previous incarnations of the building burned down with ungodly regularity every 100 years or so from...

Museum in Gouda

Museum Gouda

Housed in a medieval hospital building, the town's major museum has a collection of artefacts and artworks related to Gouda and surrounding areas. There's plenty of Gouds plateel (glazed earthenware pottery), a...

Historic Building in Gouda

Town Hall

Commanding attention in the middle of the Markt is this mid-15th-century town hall. Constructed from sandstone, this regal Gothic structure is a testament to the wealth Gouda enjoyed from the cloth trade when it...

Historic Building in Gouda

Goudse Waag

This former cheese-weighing house was built in 1668. Check out the reliefs carved into the side showing the cheese being weighed. Today it houses a tourist information desk and the Kaaswaag, a museum that follows...

Museum in Gouda


This museum on the upper floor of the Markt's waag details the history of the cheese trade in the Netherlands, with a focus on Gouda. The downstairs shop has samples of the town's beloved namesake and plenty of...

Market in Gouda

Gouda Kaasstad

This staged cheese market on the Markt draws plenty of local and international day trippers, as do the stalls selling other dairy goods and souvenirs. A few locals dress up in costume and pose for photos. It's...