Top things to do

Historic Site in Flevoland

Schokland Museum

Schokland's islanders eked out an existence for hundreds of years on a long, narrow strip of land in the Zuiderzee. By the mid-19th century the clock had run out: fish prices plummeted and vicious storms were erodin…
Historic Site in Lelystad


Bataviawerf is home to a replica of a 17th-century Dutch merchant frigate, the Batavia, which took 10 years to reconstruct. The original was a 17th-century Titanic – big, expensive and supposedly unsinkable. True to…
Museum in Lelystad

Luchtvaart Themapark Aviodrome

Fronted by a reception area designed like an airport check-in counter, this hugely engaging museum has 70 historic aircraft on display, including a replica of the Wright Brother's 1902 Flyer, Baron von Richthofen's …
Church in Urk

Kerkje aan de Zee

The supports of the village church, Kerkje aan de Zee, are made entirely out of masts of VOC (Dutch East India Company) ships that brought back exotic goods from the East Indies. Inside are ship models and, at times…
Museum in Lelystad

Nieuw Land

Nearly half the Netherlands was created by land reclamation. Nieuw Land has exhibits about polder reclamation aimed at kids, who can build model bridges or dams, and navigate ships through locks.