Top Choice Cultural in Nijmegen


Nijmegen's big event is the annual four-day, 120km- to 200km-long march. It has a long history, going back to 1909 (the 100th anniversary is in 2016, since it had to be cancelled during WWII). Thousands walk a minim…
Top Choice Cultural in Rotterdam


Tours of normally off-limits industrial areas, nautical displays and sea shanties are part of early September's fascinating World Port Days. Festival-goers don retro get-ups such as sailor, pirate and prostitute out…
Top Choice Music in Rotterdam

North Sea Jazz Festival

One of the world's most-respected jazz events sees around a thousand musicians perform. A lot of the acts organise unofficial jams outside the three-day festival, a kind of prefestival festival.
Top Choice Art in Maastricht

European Fine Art Fair

The world's largest annual art show is in mid-March. More than 200 exhibitors converge, offering masterpieces to those with a few million euros to spare. The event is open to the public.
Cultural in Terschelling


The annual Oerol outdoor performance festival is revered nationally as a perfect excuse for going to sea. It started years ago with farmers letting their cows run loose one day each year (hence the name oerol, which…
Festival in Leiden

Leidens Ontzet

Leiden grinds to a halt for Leidens Ontzet, commemorating the day the Spanish-caused starvation ended in 1574. The revelry is undiminished more than four centuries later, and there is much eating of the ceremonial h…
Festival in Middelburg


The Ringrijdendagen are held on two separate days, the first in July around the Abbey square, the second in August at the Molenwater. 'Ring riders' charge about on horseback in fancy dress carrying big sticks toward…
Cultural in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Unlimited Zomercarnaval

Rotterdam's multicultural make-up is a vital part of its lifeblood, with some 170 nationalities calling it home. A cacophonous 'battle of drums' and colourful street parade are highlights of this vibrant Caribbean c…
Cultural in Amsterdam

Holland Festival

June's big-name theatre, dance and opera meet offbeat digital films and experimental music in the Netherlands' biggest performing-arts extravaganza. The month-long, high-art/low-art mash-up happens at venues citywid…
Performing Arts in Deventer

Op Stelten

On the first weekend of July, the old streets of Deventer become a massive theatre with performances of all kinds. The festival name means 'on stilts', as are the scores of street performers who are part of the show…