PSV Eindhoven

Soccer in Eindhoven

Long topping the Dutch football scene, this club's famous initials PSV stand for Philips Sport Vereniging: yes THAT Philips again. There's a fan museum but for stadium tours and match packages, options are limited and you'll need to book well ahead (see website).

Outside the main eastern tribune entrance (door 20) are statues of great PSV stars Coen Dillen (1926–90) and Willy Van der Kuijlen (b 1946) along with welcome messages from various foreign PSV players in their own languages. These add to the antiracist message of a 2002 wrought-iron gateway inscribed 'Eendracht maakt macht' (Unity makes power); originally the heraldic motto of the United Dutch Provinces, the phrase is used here as an ironic parody of the infamous words 'Arbeit Macht Frei' on a similarly designed structure at Auschwitz concentration camp (to which many Eindhoven Jews were deported in WWII).