Top things to do in Drenthe

Historic Site in Drenthe

Kamp Westerbork

Of the 107,000 Jews living in the Netherlands before WWII, all but 5000 were deported by the Nazis to concentration and death camps in central and eastern Europe. Their fateful journey began at Kamp Westerbork, a Na…
Museum in Drenthe

Hunebedden Centrum

Excavated artefacts and information displays evoking the many stories behind Drenthe's remarkable collection of hunebedden (prehistoric burial chambers) are among the many features of this well-curated information c…
Area in Drenthe

Drentsche Aa National Landscape

Drentsche Aa National Landscape takes in a varied 10,000 hectares of ancient farms, deep woods and straggly heath that bursts into purple bloom in late summer. Cycling through this bell-shaped area just northeast of…
Museum in Assen

Drents Museum

Painting and applied arts from the late 19th century and early 20th century, and contemporary realism, are the main focus of the art collection at the town museum, at home in a magnificent red-brick mansion built in…
National Park in Drenthe

Dwingelderveld National Park

Dwingerveld National Park preserves 3700 hectares of the largest wet heathland in Europe. More than 60km of hiking paths and 40km of cycling paths wander amid the bogs, meadows and forest. It’s a starkly beautiful p…
Tapas in Assen

Villa Tapas

With a sun-drenched pavement terrace overlooking the canal and a fixed-price, eat-as-much-as-you-can tapas deal, this contemporary eat/drink hybrid can do little wrong. Inside, designer chairs lounge beneath a dazzl…
Sports in Assen


Assen's major annual event is the TT, a frantic motorcycle circuit that erupts into a festive, week-long blur of activity in late June.