Tickets & Passes

One-hour bus and tram tickets cost €3.50 (cheaper on an OV chipkaart). Tram and bus operator HTM ( also sells a highly useful day pass for adult/child 4-12 €6.50/1.50. Note that night buses are not covered by this.


Night buses operate on Fridays and Saturdays every hour between 1am and 5pm. Tickets (purchased on board) cost €5. The bus routes starts at the Binnenhof and head to Scheveningen, Leidschendam, Rijswijk, Ypenburg, Leidschenveen, Nootdorp and Delft.

Car & Motorcycle

Street parking costs €1.75 to €2.15 per hour and applies between 9am and midnight from Monday to Thursday, to 2am on Friday and Saturday and from 1pm to midnight on Sunday. For more details see

Taxis are efficient but expensive.

TCH Taxis