Top Choice Cultural in Nijmegen

De Vierdaagse

Nijmegen's big event is the annual four-day, 120km- to 200km-long hike, around since 1909. Thousands walk a minimum of 30km a day. Routes vary according to gender and age. Completing the walk is considered a nationa…
Top Choice Christmas in Deventer

Dickens Festij

As part of the town's Christmas festivities, locals dress up as Oliver Twist, Scrooge and 900-odd other characters from Charles Dickens novels for two days to celebrate the life and times of the 19th-century English…
Performing Arts in Deventer

Deventer op Stelten

On the first weekend of July, Deventer become a massive theatre with 150 performances of all kinds taking over its old-town streets and squares. Theatre companies (some on stilts, hence the name), circus troops and …
Cultural in Deventer


Bookworm heaven! More than 850 dealers of used and rare books set up stalls by the river and in the old town (including on the Brink, Zandpoort, Polstraat, Melksterstraat, Grote Kerkhof, Nieuwe Markt and Vispoort), …
Performing Arts in Nijmegen


Going strong for the past 50-odd years, this massive summer street party lures 1.5 million party goers who enjoy live music, theatre and other performing arts at dozens of stages all over town. Outdoor markets, art …
Cultural in Kampen

Kamper Ui(t) dagen

Kampen's summer festival brings a flurry of street entertainment into town for five weeks in July and August.