Top things to do

Top Choice Park in Breda


Between the station and the centre, this idyllic park has a gently rolling landscape with varied trees and a single unadorned jet of water for a fountain. Within the canal that skirts the park's north side stands a …
Church in Breda

Grote Kerk

This beautiful Gothic church was built between the 15th and 17th centuries. Its perfect tower is 97m tall and is occasionally open for a climb.
Museum in Breda

Museum of the Image

The Dutch tradition of clear visual communications is explored at this engaging museum, including a historical overview of image making from analog to digital.
Beer Cafe in Breda

Café De Beyerd

The Beyerd is a highly regarded beer cafe, with more than 120 brews, including its own Drie Hoefijzers Klassiek, and a perennially popular terrace. The restaurant, which shares the brewery facility around the corner…
Historic Site in Breda


On the south side of Valkenberg Park, this enclave of homes has served as a shelter for unmarried women since 1535. There's a small museum and traditional herb gardens.
Museum in Breda

Breda's Museum

Breda's strategic position in the Eighty Years' War is illustrated by maps, prints, weaponry and filmed reenactments at the city museum, housed in the former military barracks.
Dutch in Breda

Den Boerenstamppot

Proprietors Fred and Marloes Weerd take you back to a simpler time before the term 'low-fat' had entered the lexicon. A giant pot of endive stamppot (stew) is the basis for most meals here, served in abundance with …
French in Breda

Dames Pellens

Named after a pair of inseparable sisters who once haunted Breda's cafe society, this cosy bistro is primarily a place to savor fine wines (50 in the rack), and the kitchen does a few wine-based dishes too. Be sure …
Teahouse in Breda

’t Thuis

The glass-walled pavilion ’t Thuis, with a delightful terrace, makes an ideal spot for morning coffee.
Castle in Breda

Breda Castle

Still an active military base, this remnant from the town's fortified era is off limits but you may wander round the perimeter. The Spanjaardsgat (Spanish gate), a 16th-century survivor, is particularly worthy of ad…