Top Choice Books in Medieval Centre & Red Light District

American Book Center

This excellent three-storey shop is the biggest source of English-language books in Amsterdam. Its greatest strengths are in the artsy ground-floor department, but on the upper floors there's fiction and oodles of s…
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Medieval Centre & Red Light District

Condomerie Het Gulden Vlies

Perfectly positioned for the Red Light District, this boutique sells condoms in every imaginable size, colour, flavour and design (horned devils, marijuana leaves, Delftware tiles…), along with lubricants and saucy …
Top Choice Design in Nieuwmarkt, Plantage & the Eastern Islands


Droog means 'dry' in Dutch, and this slick local design house's products are strong on dry wit. You'll find all kinds of smart items you never knew you needed, like super-powerful suction cups. Also here is a galler…
Top Choice Homewares in Western Canal Ring

Frozen Fountain

The city's best-known showcase of furniture and interior design. Prices are not cheap, but the daring designs are offbeat and very memorable (designer pen-knives, kitchen gadgets and that birthday gift for the impos…
Top Choice Books in Vondelpark & the Old South

Pied à Terre

The galleried, sky-lit interior of Europe's largest travel bookshop feels like a Renaissance centre of learning. If it's travel or outdoor-related, it's likely here: gorgeous globes, travel guides in multiple langua…
Top Choice Homewares in Jordaan & the West

Moooi Gallery

Founded by Marcel Wanders, this is Dutch design at its most over-the-top, from the life-sized black horse lamp to the 'blow away vase' (a whimsical twist on the classic delft vase) and the 'killing of the piggy bank…
Top Choice Shopping Centre in Nieuwmarkt, Plantage & the Eastern Islands

Loods 6

This isn't a shopping centre of the mall variety, but rather a string of shops in a 1900-built former Royal Dutch Steam Company (KNSM) customs warehouse and passenger terminal. Noteworthy shops include children's we…
Top Choice Homewares in Nieuwmarkt, Plantage & the Eastern Islands

Pols Potten

How do new residents in this style-conscious district furnish their new apartments? They head straight to this large interior-design shop, which has some particularly stunning ceramic work.
Top Choice Market in Nieuwmarkt, Plantage & the Eastern Islands

Waterlooplein Flea Market

Covering the square once known as Vlooienburg (Flea Town), the Waterlooplein Flea Market draws bargain hunters seeking everything from antique knick-knacks to designer knock-offs. The street market started in 1880 w…
Top Choice Homewares in De Pijp


Named after the Dutch dish of boiled and mashed vegies, 'Hotchpotch' was founded by four young guys with a mission to give young entrepreneurs the chance to sell their work. As a result, this concept store is an ins…