CT Coffee & Coconuts

Cafe in De Pijp

A 1920s art-deco cinema has been stunningly transformed into this open-plan, triple-level, cathedral-like space (with a giant print of John Lennon at the top). Brunch dishes like coconut, almond and buckwheat pancakes; French-toast brioche with apricots; avocado-slathered toast with dukkah (North African spice-and-nut blend) and lemon dressing; and scrambled eggs on sourdough with crumbled feta are served to 1pm.

The lunch and dinner menu spans prawn tacos, tempeh burgers and paper-baked cod with roast asparagus and turnips. Any time of day it's a wonderful space for a homemade cooler (blackberry and sage; honey and lemon), loose-leaf tea from a seasonal menu, coffee or something stronger.