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Money & costs



Your Daily Budget

The following are average costs per day.

Budget less than €100

Dorm bed €22-€35; supermarkets and lunchtime specials for food €15; Boom Chicago discount ticket €17

Midrange €100–€200

Double room €125; three-course dinner in casual restaurant €30; Concertgebouw ticket €40

Top end - more than €200

Four-star hotel double room €230; five-course dinner in top restaurant €50; private canal boat rental for two hours €90

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If you’re from a ‘service with a smile’ kind of society, service in Amsterdam may be impersonal, off-putting and just plain slow. Don’t take it personally, it’s not directed at you.

Tax and a service charge are included in the bill, but unless your server really messes up, a modest tip is in order. Round up to the next number, or around 5%; a 10% tip is considered generous. If your bill comes to €9.50, you might leave €10.

If you’re paying by credit card or just need change, state the amount you want to pay, including tip, as you hand your payment to your server (this will usually elicit a proper ‘thank you’!). Note that servers appreciate being tipped in cash, as they may not actually receive a credit-card tip.

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