This area is renowned for its wild pubs and bars as well as its coffeeshops (cannabis cafes), but choices here are surprisingly diverse, taking in genteel jenever (Dutch gin) distillery tasting houses, unchanged-in-decades bruin cafés, breweries, and on-trend addresses such as a combined craft-beer bar and barber shop. Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat are the twin hubs of the area's gay scene.

Tasting Houses

Tasting houses hide among the Centre's streets, offering a prime opportunity to try jenever (Dutch gin) and other local liqueurs. Most have been pouring their wares for two to three centuries.

Look out for the following:

Low-Key Coffeeshops

If loud music, trippy decor and big crowds aren't your thing, consider one of these smaller, more relaxed establishments:

Pub Eggs

Look closely behind the bar at many brown cafés and pubs and you might see a rack of hard-boiled eggs. They're an age-old tradition – a snack meant to provide energy to drinkers. The eggs are often free; in some cases there's a small charge. Brouwerij De Prael and Proeflokaal de Ooievaar are two places to fuel up.