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Utrecht is 23km southwest on a beautiful ride through forests and farms on national bike route LF9, which runs north 23km to meet LF23;both continue into Flevoland.

Fietsboot Eemlijn Amersfoort's 'bike boat' plies the Gelderse valley taking 3½ hours to either Huizen or Spakenburg on the Eemmeer. It departs at 10am from a jetty just 200m northwest of Koppelpoort; return trips start at 2pm. Outbound/return stops are Soest (10.45am/5pm), Baarn (11.30am/4.15pm) and Eemdijk (12.30pm/3.15pm). From any stop it's pleasant to cycle back through the woods.


Bus 56 runs to Wijk bij Duurstede (€5.70, 75 minutes) via Doorn (€4.60, 65 minutes).


Amersfoort's train station is a 500m walk west of the centre. Useful destinations include Amsterdam (€8.60, 35 to 50 minutes), Deventer (€10.80, 35 minutes, three hourly) and Utrecht (€4.60, 13 to 20 minutes, up to six hourly).