Top ChoiceMuseum in Amersfoort


This small but absorbing museum honours the life and work of the famous De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian (1872–1944) in the house where he was born.

Historic Building in Amersfoort

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Toren

This 15th-century Gothic tower is Amersfoort's defining architectural icon. It's the only surviving component of a church that was otherwise destroyed by an unfortunate gunpowder blast in 1787. To climb the 346...

Gallery in Amersfoort

Kade Museum

This boldly designed gallery hosts large-scale temporary exhibitions devoted to contemporary visual artists or themes. The gallery closes for around three weeks between each exhibition.

Architecture in Amersfoort


This 1425 gateway guards the northwest entrance of what was once the city wall. It was given a Pierre Cuypers Gothic-revival restoration in the 1880s and remains Amersfoort's most romantically photogenic structure.

Church in Amersfoort

Sint Joriskerk

If the tower of the Sint Joriskerk appears to be popping out of the roof, that's because it's all that remains of the original 13th-century church; the current structure, dating from 1534, was built around it.