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Most people arrive on charter flights with Gambia Experience or Thomas Cook ( There are a limited number of carriers flying to The Gambia, so it's wise to plan ahead.

Airports & Airlines

Banjul International Airport is in Yundum, about 15km southeast of the coast.

Charter flights aside, the only scheduled airlines flying to Gambia are the following:

Arik ( Flies between Accra (Ghana) and Banjul.

Brussels Airlines ( Flies to Brussels as well as Dakar (Senegal).

Vueling ( Connects to Spain.

Royal Air Maroc ( Direct flights to Casablanca, Morocco.

Departure Tax

Departure tax is included in the price of a ticket.


Minibuses and bush taxis run regularly between Barra and the Senegalese border at Karang (D60, one hour), where you can take care of exit/entrance formalities. From there, hire a taxi (or motorbike, which are more prevalent, D15), for 2km further to the bush-taxi garage, where you can catch onward transport to Dakar (D700, six hours) .

To get to southern Senegal (Casamance), minibuses and bush taxis leave from Bakoteh Junction (D220, five hours). Transport also goes from Brikama to Ziguinchor.

At the far-eastern tip of The Gambia, bush taxis run from Basse Santa Su to Vélingara, Senegal (D80, 45 minutes; 27km), and from there bush taxis go to Tambacounda (D90, three hours).


There are no scheduled services to The Gambia by sea.