Top things to do in Banjul

Top Choice School in Banjul

St Joseph's Adult Education & Skills Centre

Tucked away inside an ancient Portuguese building, this centre has provided training to disadvantaged women for the last 20 years. Visitors can take a free tour of sewing, crafts and tie-dye classes, and purchase re…
Market in Banjul

Albert Market

Since its founding in the mid-19th century, the Albert Market, an area of frenzied buying, bartering and bargaining, has been Banjul's main hub of activity. This cacophony of Banjul life is intoxicating, with its st…
Area in Banjul

Old Town

West from the ferry terminal towards the wide Ma Cumba Jallow St (Dobson St) is a chaotic assembly of decrepit colonial buildings and Krio-style clapboard houses (steep-roofed structures with wrought-iron balconies …
Monument in Banjul

Arch 22

This massive 36m-high gateway, built to celebrate the military coup of 22 July 1994, grants excellent views. There's also a cafe and a small museum that enlightens visitors about the coup d'état and houses a few eth…
Seafood in Banjul

Nefertiti Bar & Restaurant

Smack on the beach with a gorgeous view, this laid-back spot serves up local seafood and is a popular location for drinks in the late afternoon and evening.
Museum in Banjul

National Museum

Well-presented, if slightly dusty, displays of historical and cultural artefacts, including musical instruments, agricultural tools and ethnographic items. There's an interesting archaeological section reconstructin…
Middle Eastern in Banjul

Ali Baba Snack Bar

Banjul's main snack bar has a deserved reputation for tasty shwarma (sliced, grilled meat and salad in pita bread) and felafel sandwiches.
Middle Eastern in Banjul

King of Shawarma Café

Friendly, fresh and happy to relax its opening hours, this place serves delicious meze and pressed juice.
Square in Banjul

July 22 Square

The quadrangular July 22 Square contains a World War I memorial and a fountain dating from the 1930s.