Dalasi (D)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than D1500

  • Room in a budget guesthouse: D800
  • Sandwich or shwarma (kebab): D200
  • Soft drink: D80
  • Local bus ride: D20

Midrange: D1500-3500

  • B&B room near the beach: D1600
  • Lunch at an oceanfront restaurant: D450
  • Bottle of beer: D100
  • Short shared taxi ride: D100

Top End: More than D3500

  • Boutique hotel room: D3600
  • Dinner for two at a high-end restaurant: D1800
  • Glass of wine: D120
  • Three-hour river cruise: D2600


Bargaining is expected in markets. Most vendors will quote a much inflated starting price, anticipating buyers will negotiate before committing. There's no real rule of thumb – some say start at one-third of the asking price and negotiate your way up.

Bargaining is also in order when it comes to private taxis. Always agree on a price before getting in.


PHB Bank Has an ATM and changes money.

Standard Chartered Bank Withdraw at ATM or change money here.