Officially, visitors are required to have booked accommodation before arriving in the Cook Islands, although you can usually arrange a hotel when you arrive at the airport. However, many places to stay on Rarotonga are booked up in advance, so it pays to plan ahead.

Rarotonga’s accommodation includes hostels, motel-style units, self-contained bungalows and expensive top-end resorts. All the major Southern Group islands have organised accommodation. Even for couples, renting a house can be a good way to cut costs.

Manihiki and Penrhyn are the only Northern Group islands with simple accommodation.

For a dorm bed, budget travellers can expect to pay around NZ$30.

Sleeping Price Ranges

The following price ranges refer to the cost of a double room in high season.

$ less than NZ$125

$$ NZ$125–250

$$$ more than NZ$250