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Top Choice Cave in 'Atiu


Eerie Anatakitaki is ‘Atiu’s most spectacular cave, a multichambered cavern surrounded by banyan roots and thick jungle. It’s also home to the rare kopeka, or ‘Atiuan swiftlet – listen for its distinctive echo-locat…
Top Choice Cave in 'Atiu

Te Ana O Rakanui

Te Ana O Rakanui is a burial cave packed with musty old skulls and skeletal remains. It’s a tight squeeze inside – claustrophobics be warned.
Polynesian in 'Atiu

Kura’s Kitchen

Kura at Atiu Villas cooks up evening vittles whenever there’s a quorum, and sometimes there’s an informal Island Night that kicks off in the thatched restaurant-bar area (NZ$30 with food, or NZ$40 including the show…
Cafe in 'Atiu

Terangi-Nui Café

The lovely Parua Tavioni offers a two-course dinner every night, but you'll need to book by noon, either by popping in to her small shop selling local crafts, gifts and pareu, or by phone.
Bakery in 'Atiu

Akai Bakery

Fresh-baked bread is ready for the milling crowd by about 10.30am each day. Saturday is the Seventh-Day Adventist Sabbath and the baking doesn’t begin until dusk – at 11pm there’s that milling crowd again. Stocks us…
Fast Food in 'Atiu

Super Brown

Drop in for burgers, toasted sandwiches and fish and chips at this friendly spot in Areora village. You can even have a cold beer while you wait. There's a handy BlueSky wi-fi hotspot and data vouchers are sold. Sup…
Homewares in 'Atiu

Parua Tavioni

Working from her village house – a corner residence that doubles as the Terangi-Nui Cafe for dinners – Parua Tavioni crafts intricate tivaevae (appliqué work) that makes beautiful bedspreads and other homewares. Som…
Bakery in 'Atiu

Jumbo Bakery

Early risers and fans of freshly baked doughnuts and buns should head to Jumbo when the doors open to eager locals at 5.30am.
Cave in 'Atiu

Rima Rau

Another of ‘Atiu’s burial caves, Rima Rau is reached by a vertical pothole and still contains skeletal remains. Many will find it claustrophobic.
Lake in 'Atiu

Lake Te Roto

Lake Te Roto is noted for its itiki (eels), a popular island delicacy. On the western side of the lake, a cave leads right through the makatea to the sea.