Aitutaki attractions

Top Choice Lagoon in Aitutaki

Aitutaki Lagoon

Aitutaki’s stunning lagoon, brimming with marine life and ringed by 15 palm-covered motu (islets), is a South Pacific tearsure. Maina (Little Girl) offers superb snorkelling and is home to the red-tailed tropicbird,…
Town in Aitutaki


After you’ve been to Rarotonga, Arutanga, Aitutaki’s only town, seems astonishingly quiet, with few signs of life even on weekdays when the shops are open. The island’s main harbour is by the Orongo Centre. The love…
Viewpoint in Aitutaki


The 30-minute hike to the top of Maungapu (124m), Aitutaki’s highest peak, provides splendid views over the entire atoll and the sapphire-blue lagoon. The track starts off pretty gently opposite the bungalows of Par…
Church in Aitutaki

Arutanga CICC

Lovely whitewashed church originally built in 1828.
Arts Centre in Aitutaki

Orongo Centre

Community meeting place.
Archaeological Site in Aitutaki

Marae Te Poaki O Rae

Historic meeting place.
Archaeological Site in Aitutaki

Marae Tokangarangi

Historic meeting place.
Beach in Aitutaki

O'otu Beach