Interisland flights offer the only quick and convenient way to travel within the Bahamas; islanders ride airplanes like Londoners use buses. Private charter flights can be an economical option for those traveling in a group – or they might be the only option for some more remote destinations.

Regular scheduled flights from Nassau (one-way prices with taxes are given):

Abaco (Marsh Harbour)Bahamasair, SkyBahamasBS$103, 30 min, 5 daily
Andros (South Andros)Western AirBS$95, 20 min, 2 daily
Biminis (South Bimini)Western AirBS$101, 35 min, 2 daily
Crooked IslandBahamasairBS$148, 75 min, once weekly
Eleuthera (North Eleuthera)Pineapple Air, Southern AirBS$99, 20 min, 6 daily
Exuma (George Town)Bahamasair, SkyBahamasBS$111, 40 min, 4 daily
Grand Bahama (Freeport)Bahamasair, SkyBahamas, Western AirBS$113, 40 min, frequent
InaguaBahamasairBS$154, 1½hr, 2 weekly
Long Island (Upper Channel Cay)Bahamasair, Southern AirBS$135, 45 min, 1-2 daily
San SalvadorBahamasair, Southern AirBS$116, 1hr, 2-4 daily

Charter Services

In the Bahamas, charter services fill the gaps that scheduled flights can't profitably address. Islands served and the services that can connect to them:

AndrosSouthern Air
Cat IslandSouthern Air
Exuma CaysFlamingo Air
InaguaFlamingo Air
San SalvadorFlamingo Air, Southern Air


Cycling is not huge in the Bahamas. It’s not safe in traffic-clogged Nassau, though can be pleasant on Paradise Island, Grand Bahama and the Out Islands. Many hotels rent bikes for about BS$15 a day; some let guests use them for free.



The only major interisland ferry operator in the Bahamas is Bahamas Ferries, which runs high-speed services between Nassa and Andros, the Abacos, Eleuthera, the Exumas, Grand Bahama and Long Island. Services (one-way fares, tax included) from Nassau:

Fresh Creek (Andros)BS$59, 3hr, 7am Fri
Freeport (Grand Bahama)BS$71, 15½hr, 4 weekly
George Town (Exuma)BS$71, 13-14hr, 4 weekly
Governor's Harbour (Eleuthera)BS$59, 5-6½hr, Mon & Thu
Simms (Long Island)BS$71, 17½hr, 1 weekly
South Abaco TerminalBS$71, 6½hr, Mon & Wed
Harbour Island (Eleuthera)BS$81, 2¾hr, 6 weekly

Ferries leave from the Potter’s Cay Dock in Nassau.

Mail Boat & Water Taxi

Mail boats sail under government contract to most inhabited islands, delivering post, freight and passengers. They regularly depart Potter’s Cay for Grand Bahama and all the Out Islands. Traditionally sailing overnight, mail-boat journeys last between five and 24 hours; comforts are minimal, and fares between BS$30 and BS$45. Always call the Dockmaster’s Office and check with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for the latest schedules and prices.

In New Providence, water taxis zip back and forth between Prince George Wharf, Nassau and Paradise Island every half-hour between 9am and 6pm. Other offshore islands and their neighboring cays are served by private water taxis, such as the services between George Town and Stocking Island, Exuma.

Government-run water taxis link islands that are a short distance apart, such as North and South Bimini, Mangrove Cay and South Andros, and Crooked and Acklins Islands.


Nassau Streets are busy with jitneys (private minibuses) licensed to operate on preestablished routes, with fares ranging from BS$1.25 to BS$2.50. While jitneys nominally run during daylight hours, there's no timetable, and some routes dwindle to nothing when the demand from local workers isn't reliable.

Freeport Has jitneys between Port Lucaya and Freeport, but services are scant and unreliable.

Out Islands Have no public transport: taxi, rental car and hotel shuttle are your only options.

Car & Motorcycle

Road conditions Driving in busy downtown Nassau can be a pain, but nothing citizens of busy cities aren't accustomed to. A real danger in the Out Islands are potholes: you can be cruising for ages on smooth road, then suddenly encounter an axle-cracking crater. Stay vigilant.

Rental Major international car-rental companies have outlets in Nassau, Freeport and other tourist centers, and there are a host of local firms and individuals to choose from. It can be as casual as arriving at the airport and asking around for someone who knows someone, especially In the Out Islands. Ask your hotel or look for display boards at the airport. Renters must be 21 (some companies rent only to those 25 or older), and collision damage waiver insurance is around BS$15 per day (smaller local companies may not offer insurance). Rates start at around BS$75 per day. Golf carts are popular on the smaller islands and cays, and rent for about BS$50 to BS$70 per day.

Road rules In order to drive you must have a current license from your home country or state. A visitor can drive on their home license for three months. Drive on the left-hand side. At traffic circles (roundabouts), remember to circle in a clockwise direction, entering to the left. You must give way to traffic already in the circle. It’s compulsory to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or scooter.


There’s no shortage of licensed taxis in Nassau and Freeport, where they can be hailed on the streets (many will actually hail you, if you seem in need of a lift). Taxis are also the main local transportation in the Out Islands, where they meet all incoming planes and ferries in the larger settlements.

All taxi operators are licensed. Taxi fares are fixed by the government according to distance, and rates are usually for two people (each additional person is charged a flat rate of BS$3). Fixed rates have been established from airports and cruise terminals to specific hotels and major destinations, and should be displayed in the taxi or at the airport/ferry terminal.


The Bahamas has no rail network.