Top ChoiceInternational in Governor’s Harbour

Tippy’s Bar & Beach Restaurant

This beach bar has a delightful ocean-facing deck and eclectic, welcoming timber decor inside its individual huts. The restaurant specializes in globally influenced seafood dishes – coconut shrimp, Bahamian...

International in Governor’s Harbour

Buccaneer Club

With an inviting deck beneath a spreading Lebbek tree, a whitewashed interior lit by radiantly colorful local art and subtle tunes piped throughout, this restaurant-bar is the most relaxing place in Governor's to...

Bahamian in Governor’s Harbour

Sunset Inn

The ample patio of this friendly, unhurried but slightly dilapidated seaside bar and grill is the place to down a cold Kalik at sunset while nibbling cracked conch and coconut pie.

Bahamian in Governor’s Harbour

Anchor Bay Fish Fry

Music, singing, dancing, conch, lobster, Kalik: this has all the prerequisites of a classic Bahamian fish fry.