Top ChoiceNational Park in North & Central Andros

Blue Holes National Park

Blue Holes – deep vertical 'caves' formed by karst limestone subsidence that fill with rain and seawater, forming unique ecosystems – are more abundant on Andros than anywhere else. This 40,000-acre national park...

Factory in North & Central Andros

Androsia Ltd

This factory has been hand-producing the gorgeous batiks sold throughout the Bahamas since 1973. Watch workers create fabric with age-old wax techniques (Monday to Friday), then buy some for yourself at the...

Bahamian in North & Central Andros


Brigadier's is a step up from the usual shack restaurants with its gracious dining room and bar and long overwater deck offering views up and down the coast. The Bahamian dishes include conch chowder, boiled...

Bar in North & Central Andros

Hank's Place

With a cabana stretching out over Fresh Creek, a chicken-wire-sided bar that lets in the afternoon breezes and setting sun, a welcoming local clientele and good Bahamian food, Hank's is a great place to unwind...

Beach in North & Central Andros

Morgan’s Bluff

Morgan’s Bluff is a few kilometers north of Nicholls Town. There’s a nice beach west of the bluff, and an eerie, shipwreck-filled harbor. If you believe local lore, Henry Morgan, the wily Welsh pirate, hid his...

Landmark in North & Central Andros

Uncle Charlie’s Blue Hole

A few kilometers south of Nicholls Town, this unfathomed blue hole, hidden in the pine forest, was made famous by Jacques Cousteau when he explored it in the 1960s. Today, local kids use a dangling rope swing to...

Bahamian in North & Central Andros

Sammy's Bar & Grill

Sammy's is a relaxed and rustic waterfront spot for a cold beer, conch salad or some jerk chicken. Happy hour is Sunday evening.