Water taxis Run between Woodes Rogers Walk in Nassau and the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal for BS$8, round-trip.


New Providence's public transport consists of private fleets of minibuses called jitneys, which follow government-prescribed routes from roughly 6am to 8pm. However, there are no fixed schedules and many routes stop running earlier, once the demand from local workers dries up. No jitneys run all the way to Paradise Island or the airport, although some routes can drop you within easy walking distance. All routes go to downtown Nassau at some point.

Destinations are clearly painted on the front of the jitneys, which can be waved down at any point. To request a stop, simply call out, 'Bus stop!' when you want to get off, paying the driver as you leave. Fares start at BS$1.25 for downtown Nassau and rise to BS$2.50 for the airport. Some useful routes:

10 & 10A Running through Cable Beach, Sandyport Bay and Lyford Cay, this is the busiest route, and the cheapest way to get a tour of the island.

1, 7 & 7A Paradise Island bridges.

12b Love Beach and the airport.

Car & Scooter

You don’t need a car to explore downtown Nassau or to get to the beaches, but you will if you intend to explore New Providence (taxi fares would quickly outweigh rental costs). The major car-rental companies have booths at the airport; local companies rent more cheaply. Ask your hotel to recommend a company or try Virgo Car Rental.

Scooters are widely available for around BS$75 per day, and can be found outside most major hotels or at the Prince George Wharf. Bear in mind that New Providence roads can be dangerous, especially in busy Nassau.


Taxis can be hailed on any busy road (they'll often hail you, if you seem in need of transport) and await fares on Woodes Rodgers Walk, near the cruise-ship dock. If you need to call one, try 242-323-7900 or 242-323-4323.