As an open-for-business tourist destination, the Bahamas doesn't place undue restrictions on entry and exit to the country.

Customs Regulations

Visitors to the Bahamas may import the following, without attracting duty or prohibition:

  • 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 454 grams of tobacco
  • 1.1 liters of spirits or wine
  • Unlimited foreign currency

On leaving the Bahamas, it's prohibited to export:

  • Manufactured goods of 100 years or older
  • More than $200 Bahamian dollars, without Central Bank permission


Residents of the US, Europe and most Commonwealth countries do not need a visa to enter the Bahamas for a 90-day tourist stay.

Further Information

Everyone needs a passport with at least six months' remaining validity. Remember that it's necessary to have ESTA authorization or a visa to transit through the US.