New Providence drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Nassau

Khyla's Island Philosophy

This tiny charismatic beach bar exemplifies all that is convivial and distinctive about Nassau, with an ebullient proprietress (Khyla), ever-welcoming locals and good tunes on the laptop. Sadly gutted by fire in 201…
Top Choice Bar in Nassau

Fish Fry

The unmissable nightly Fish Fry is not the only reason to spend a night or two in Arawak Cay. Sky-juice trailers, wooden beer shacks and more substantial establishments keep everyone oiled and easy, as multiple DJs …
Pub in Nassau

Bahamas Cricket Club

Ravaged by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, this historic cricket pavilion-pub immediately got back on its feet, a sign of how much it means to those who water and wield the willow here. Welcoming visitors with warmth and…
Bar in Nassau

Compass Point Bar

A stylish crowd sips potent cocktails on the pool deck with the deep blue sea as a backdrop. There's live music on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, from 10pm.
Pub in Nassau

Señor Frog’s

The quintessential tourist trap, poised to capture cruise-ship revelers as they wander toward Junkanoo Beach or the Fish Fry, this Mexican-themed party bar can actually be good fun if you're up for it. With outposts…
Club in Nassau


'Funky' Nassau's club culture is in poor shape, and Bambu is one of the few downtown places you can go to dance with abandon to the wee hours, at least in the kind of environment that Europeans and North Americans e…
Club in Nassau


With 9000 sq ft of nooks and crannies (including multiple 'VIP' lounges), a glass dance floor and no-expense-spared AV- and lighting-gear, Aura tries to re-create the feel of an exclusive New York nightclub.