Bahamian/US Dollar (BS$/USD$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than BS$300

  • Cheap hotel room: BS$100–150
  • Jitney from Nassau Airport to downtown: BS$2.50
  • Museum entry: BS$5–10
  • Conch meal: BS$20
  • Beer: BS$6

Midrange: BS$300–500

  • Midrange hotel: BS$250
  • Two-course dinner: BS$40
  • Taxi from Nassau Airport to Paradise Island: BS$40
  • Switcher (cocktail): BS$10
  • Half-day snorkeling tour: BS$90

Top end: More than BS$500

  • Resort suite: from BS$400
  • Diving, two tanks: BS$100–140
  • Meal at top restaurant, with wine: BS$100–150
  • Half-day fishing charter: BS$500–800


Generally, in the Bahamas, you have no option but to pay the stated price. One exception is the straw markets, where you may be able to haggle a little; but don't play hardball when it comes to locals selling their own handicrafts at reasonable prices.


Bahamian (BS$) and US (US$) are equal and interchangeable throughout the country.


There are plenty of banks with ATMs in the major tourist centers, though they can be rare to nonexistent on the Out Islands. ATMs near the Nassau cruise-ship dock offer either BS$ or US$.


Bahamian transactions are increasingly plastic-based, but you should always carry some cash too.

Credit Cards

Some smaller Out Island hotels and restaurants do not accept credit cards. You can use your credit card to get cash advances at most commercial banks.

Exchange Rates

New ZealandNZ$1BS$0.72

For current exchange rates, see


A tip of 15% or so is standard for restaurants, but it’s often added to your bill automatically – check before you pay. About 15% is the norm for taxis, while BS$2 per bag is routine for porters.