Nassau attractions

Top Choice Factory in Nassau

Graycliff Cigar Co

Wandering into this cigar factory is like falling into 1920s Cuba. In a narrow, smoke-yellowed room with old-fashioned mosaic floors, up to 16 torcedores (cigar rollers) are busy at work, their fingers a blur as the…
Top Choice Museum in Nassau

Pirates of Nassau

Don’t even try to ignore the pirate pacing outside the museum: like any seafaring ruffian worth his peg leg, he had you in his sights the moment you turned the corner. But that’s OK – with its scale replica of the p…
Top Choice Museum in Nassau

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

If you’re jangled by the chaos of Bay St, you'll find a welcome oasis inside the stately 1860s-era Villa Doyle: a grand art museum that's one of the gems in the Bahamian crown. The permanent collection focuses on mo…
Notable Building in Nassau

Government House

This splendid Georgian mansion, residence of the governor-general, surmounts Mount Fitzwilliam (central Nassau's low hill) like a particularly festive pink cake. Sitting on the site of a predecessor built in 1737, t…
Fort in Nassau

Fort Fincastle & the Queen’s Staircase

Shaped like a digital-map pinpoint, this hilltop fort was built by Lord Dunmore in 1793 to guard the harbor against invaders. Never used, it was eventually converted into a lighthouse. The fort itself is not particu…
Distillery in Nassau

John Watling's Distillery

Watling's, new to the Bahamian rum-distilling game, has draped itself in the antique vestments of the beautifully restored 18th-century Buena Vista Estate, its extensive tiki-lit gardens patrolled by fluffy-legged b…
Gardens in Nassau

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Center

This lush 4 acre tropical garden contains a small zoo, home to around 180 animals of 60 different species. Crowd-pleasers include the Madagascan lemurs and three endangered Bahamian boa constrictors, but the undispu…
Gallery in Nassau

Doongalik Studios

Offering an eclectic window into modern Bahamian art, Doongalik runs exhibitions on solo artists' work, and everything from quilts to island life. Book launches, musical performances and other events are also freque…
Beach in Nassau

Junkanoo Beach

Between downtown Nassau and Araway Cay, Junkanoo is popular with locals and visitors alike, with beach-shack bars, volleyball nets, sky-juice vendors and friendly Bahamians in ample supply.
Beach in Nassau

Delaporte Beach

Delaporte is a little quieter than the resort-backed, vendor-strewn Cable Beach to the east, with the same sand and the same sea.