Bahamian food reflects the bounty of the seas and the islands' mixed European, African and South American heritage. Chilies, bay leaves, allspice and lime are common spices. The islands aren't especially fertile, and many staples must be imported. If it grows in sandy tropical soils (coconut), or it swims in the surrounding seas (lobster, grouper), it's usually the best thing on the menu.

Essential Food & Drink

Conch Roasted, cracked (fried), chopped into salads or dipped in dough and fried into fritters, this chewy sea snail is ubiquitous in the Bahamas. Think calamari. Starchy side dishes like peas ’n’ rice (rice with beans), mac ’n’ cheese and potato salad round out the menu.

Boil fish A breakfast dish of grouper stewed with lime juice, onions and potatoes. Usually served with johnnycake, a sweetish type of flat cornbread.

Spiny Caribbean lobster The Bahamas’ native lobster, often served sautéed with onions and pepper, minced and even curried.

Souse A thick stew of chicken, sheep’s head, pig’s trotter or other ‘leftover’ meats.

Guava duff Boiled pastry filled with sweet guava paste and topped off with rum or cream sauce.

Beer Wash everything down with a cold Kalik or Sands beer.

Rum cocktails Try goombay smash or a Bahama mama.

Switcher A refreshing lime-based drink, sometimes available as an alcoholic version.

Sky Juice Gin and coconut milk.