Top things to do

Top Choice Bar in Green Turtle Cay

Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar

From the walls layered with business cards, photographs and personal messages to the devoted customers who've been coming since it opened in the ’60s, it’s clear that this bar is truly loved. A portrait of the origi…
Top Choice Museum in Green Turtle Cay

Albert Lowe Museum

Every small town needs a musty, knickknack-filled repository, and this 1825 house has served this purpose admirably since 1976, when local Alton Lowe opened it as a museum in honor of his father. Once home to former…
Island in Green Turtle Cay

No Name Cay

Just off Green Turtle's southern tip is this gorgeous, uninhabited cay, a dedicated nature reserve and home to swimming pigs and curious stingrays. It's a great spot for a day trip with a picnic and snorkel gear, bu…
Bahamian in Green Turtle Cay

McIntosh Restaurant & Bakery

It could be 1955 inside this humble New Plymouth cafe, with plastic-covered tables, carpeted floors and delectable Bahamian dishes such as coconut-crusted lobster and fried plantain. It's worth saving room for the K…
Gardens in Green Turtle Cay

Loyalist Memorial Sculpture Garden

Arranged in the form of the Union Jack, this collection of busts of prominent Loyalists provides a touching insight into the enduring culture of the Loyalists and their dogged attachment to the 'mother country'.