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Private Flight and Boat Charter to Swimming Pigs from Nassau, Bahamas

Are you coming into Nassau on a cruise and looking for options to get to the swimming pigs? Are you a family who just prefers a more exclusive option or you just want to have the flexibility to choose what you see and when you see it? Then this tour is the perfect option for you!This tour includes privately chartered flights from Nassau which allows you to see the beautiful Exuma Cays at your own time and on your own pace. Customize your tour to best fit your schedule! Transfers in Nassau also included.Highlights: Swimming Pigs at Pig Beach, petting sharks at Compass Cay, a beautiful sandbar, indigenous iguanas, snorkeling in Thunderball Grotto and a sunken plane. You can choose which attractions you want to see and what you want to skip, just let your captain know!
6 hours