Freeport & Lucaya restaurants

Top Choice Bahamian in Freeport & Lucaya

Smith’s Point Fish Fry

Wednesday night at the Fish Fry is like a giant neighborhood party. Several beachfront shacks fire up oil-drum cookers and fry turbot, lobster and conch fritters for crowds of locals, who gossip the night away eatin…
Bahamian in Freeport & Lucaya

Billy Joe’s on the Beach

Tucking into a bowl of Billy Joe’s conch salad as you wiggle your bare feet in the sand is a quintessential Grand Bahama experience. This venerable waterfront conch shack was here long before the Grand Lucaya comple…
Bahamian in Freeport & Lucaya

Geneva’s Place

You’ll hardly spot a non-Bahamian face in this huge, fluorescent-lit dining room, popular with locals for traditional breakfasts such as pig’s feet souse and sardines and grits. Lunch means cracked conch or minced t…
Steak in Freeport & Lucaya

Churchill’s Chophouse

Swill martinis and slice into truly excellent dry-aged beef at this clubby, opulent steak house. For special occasions, you can’t go wrong here.
Bahamian in Freeport & Lucaya

Tony Macaroni’s Conch Experience

Tony Macaroni, the self-proclaimed ‘most unique man in the Bahamas’ and proprietor of this famed Taino Beach conch shack, is a bit of an acquired taste. Get ready for nonstop teasing and (if you’re female) flirting …
Greek in Freeport & Lucaya


Locals know the food at Zorba's is some of the best on Grand Bahama, and will frequently recommend it to visitors. There's a smattering of Bahamian and American dishes (conch chowder, hamburgers) but the menu's most…
Asian in Freeport & Lucaya

China Beach

One of Our Lucaya’s more popular dinner spots, this mod Asian bistro is heavy on the atmosphere: pagoda-style bar, Buddha statues and stone lions. The menu leans toward old-school Chinese classics such as sweet-and-…
International in Freeport & Lucaya


With a marina-side location that can be spectacular at sunset, and the clean lines and piped soundtrack of bistro-bars the world over, Sabor is a perfectly pleasant place for a cocktail and meal at day's end. The fo…