Top Choice Gardens in Freeport & Lucaya

Garden of the Groves

This 12-acre botanical garden is a lush tropical refuge on an island that’s otherwise mostly scrub pine and asphalt. A walking trail meanders through groves of tamarind and java plum trees, past cascading (artificia…
Factory in Freeport & Lucaya

Perfume Factory

Also known as Fragrance of the Bahamas, this company occupies a three-story pink Bahamian house at the rear of the International Bazaar. Free tours (during the week) reveal some secrets of production, and you can pi…
Beach in Freeport & Lucaya

Taino Beach

The island’s second most popular beach, this postcard-perfect stretch of white sand has ample parking and a handful of seafood shacks. Drive or take the ferry behind Pelican Bay Hotel.
Beach in Freeport & Lucaya

Churchill Beach & Fortune Beach

East of Taino Beach, Churchill and Fortune Beaches are equally glorious and even less crowded.
Beach in Freeport & Lucaya

Lucaya Beach

At the doorstep of the Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort, this is far and away Grand Bahama’s most crowded beach. You won’t lack for something to keep you occupied here – go parasailing, snorkel, get your hair brai…
Beach in Freeport & Lucaya

William’s Town Beach

Also known as Island Seas Beach, this narrow strip of sand just west of Lucaya Beach is known not for its beauty, but rather for its numerous beach bars.
Beach in Freeport & Lucaya

Xanadu Beach

Dominated by the decaying Xanadu Resort, where eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes spent the last years of his life holed up, Xanadu Beach is far enough from Port Lucaya to keep the crowds thin, but close enough for…