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Women Travellers

Women travellers face relatively few problems in Thailand. It is respectful to cover up if you're going deep into rural communities, entering temples or going to and from the beach. But on the whole, local women dress in a variety of different styles (particularly in cities), so you can usually wear spaghetti strap tops and short skirts without offending Thais’ modesty streak.

As in most countries, attacks and rapes do occur, especially when an attacker observes a vulnerable target. If you return home from a bar alone, be sure to have your wits about you. Avoid accepting rides from strangers late at night. Some women may prefer to avoid travelling around isolated areas alone.

Keep Thai etiquette in mind during social interactions. A Thai man could feel a loss of face if conversation, flirting or other attention is directed towards him and then diverted to another person. In extreme cases (or where alcohol is involved), this could create an unpleasant situation or even lead to violence. Women who aren’t interested in romantic encounters should not presume that Thai men have merely platonic motives.