Waterfall in Um Phang & Around

Nam Tok Thilawsu

Located in the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, this waterfall is Thailand’s largest, measuring an estimated 200m high and up to 400m wide during the rainy season.
Nature Reserve in Um Phang & Around

Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary

The Nam Tok Thilawsu falls are near the headquarters of the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 50km from Um Phang, towards Sangkhlaburi in Kanchanaburi Province.The wildlife sanctuary links with the Thung Y…
Cave in Um Phang & Around

Tham Ta Khu Bi

From Ban Mae Klong Mai, just a few kilometres north of Um Phang via the highway to Mae Sot, Rte 1167 heads southwest along the Thai–Myanmar border. Along the way is the cave system of Tham Ta Khu Bi, which in Karen …
Buddhist Temple in Um Phang & Around

Wat Phanit

A Buddhist temple in Um Phang.