Top Choice Thai in Udon Thani


This delightful place defies categories. The interior decor looks like a mixture of Moroccan and art nouveau, with its whimsical tiling and frosted windows. The waiters all dress formally in black ties, and the menu…
Thai in Udon Thani

Rabiang Phatchanee

This place on the lake's east shore offers all the usual Thai dishes, but also many you've probably never tried before, such as fish-stomach salad. Eat outdoors on the deck or in air-conditioned dining rooms.
Thai in Udon Thani

Khai Tun

The crowds are 'exhibit A' for how tasty (and cheap) this all-you-can-eat buffet is. The food, usually with some rice, noodles, curries and sweets to choose from, is great value for money.
Thai in Udon Thani

UD Bazaar

This lively place is a great spot to get some decent cheap food. It's chock-full of vendors selling a big variety of Thai dishes and there's a stage for live music shows as well.
Thai in Udon Thani

Preecha Night Market

This night market sells clothes and other standard market fare, and has food stalls.
Thai in Udon Thani

Centre Point Night Market

This night market has a wide variety of northeastern fare, including insect dishes.