Top Choice International in Udon Thani

Grey Cabin

There are many restaurants serving fa·ràng food in the Central Plaza/Soi Farang area, but we far prefer this small mother-and-daughter operation 2km south of Nong Prajak lake. The varied options, all fresh and delic…
Top Choice Thai in Udon Thani

Rabiang Phatchanee

This place on the lake's east shore offers all the usual Thai dishes, but also many you've probably never tried, such as fish-stomach salad, and fried duck with crab in gravy. Eat outdoors on the deck or in air-cond…
Top Choice Thai in Udon Thani

Samuay & Sons

This small chef-driven, open-kitchen place is Isan's version of a trendy Soho bistro. It does some Thai and Isan standards like panang curry and om curry with algae, but sets itself apart with fusion dishes and mode…
Top Choice Thai in Udon Thani

UD Bazaar

This lively place is the largest of Udon Thani's many night markets, and also the one offering the most varied cuisine. There's a stage for live music as well. A few shops serve lunch, but most get going about 4pm.
Thai in Udon Thani


This garden restaurant is the kind of place where groups of friends come to eat, drink and eat some more. The menu covers the usual Thai and Isan options plus some less common ones like þlah nêung búay (steamed fish…
Thai in Udon Thani


This delightful place defies categories. The interior decor looks like a mixture of Moroccan and art nouveau, with its whimsical tiling and frosted windows. The waiters all dress formally in black ties, and the menu…
Thai in Udon Thani

Centre Point Night Market

About half the food for sale in this night market is Isan fare, including grilled fish and roasted insects.
Thai in Udon Thani


This is not your ordinary Thai restaurant. Dishes such as kôw klúk gà·þì (rice with shrimp paste) and massaman curry are done with no short-cuts or skimping. It also does salads, and kŏrng wăhn ruam·mít for dessert;…
International in Udon Thani

Good Everything

This white cottage and surrounding garden feels transported from the English countryside. It features fresh and healthy cuisine, such as salmon with spinach, roasted pumpkin soup, and fa·ràng-style salads, plus qual…
Juice Bar in Udon Thani

Gib Shop

Not all juice is created equal, and this shop on the ground floor of Central Plaza proves it. Most of the fruit and veggies are organic and you can choose to have no sugar added. There's another branch at Nong Praja…