One booming business in Trat is swiftlet farming. Walk down Th Lak Meuang and you will see that the top floors of shophouses have been converted into nesting sites for birds that produce the edible nests considered a Chinese delicacy. Swiflets’ nests were quite rare (and expensive) in the past because they were only harvested from precipitous sea caves by trained, daring climbers. In the 1990s entrepreneurs figured out how to replicate the cave atmosphere in multistorey shophouses and the business has become a key operation in Trat.

Accessed from Th Thana Charoen is a sweet little riverside walkway that's a short but picturesque stroll.


Trat has many budget hotels in traditional wooden houses on and around Th Thana Charoen. They are characterful places with generally bargain prices.


Trat is all about market eating: head to the day market for gah·faa bohrahn (ancient coffee), the night market, or the indoor market for lunchtime noodles. Food stalls line Th Sukhumvit come nightfall.

Drinking & Nightlife

A couple of venues along the main road are lively at weekends, but the main and most enjoyable Trat drinking scene is sipping beers at little bars, shops and eateries in the old town.