Top things to do

Top Choice Buddhist Site in Phuket Province

Big Buddha

High atop the Nakkerd Hills, northwest of Chalong circle, and visible from half of the island, the 45m-high Big Buddha sits grandly on Phuket's finest viewpoint. Though it's a tad touristy, tinkling bells and flappi…
Zoo in Bangkok & Around

Safari World

Claiming to be the world’s largest ‘open zoo’, Safari World is divided into two parts, a drive-through Safari Park and a Marine Park. In the Safari Park, visitors take a bus tour through an ‘oasis for animals’ separ…
Amusement Park in Bangkok

Dream World

Expansive amusement park north of the city that boasts a snow room.
Amusement Park in Bangkok

Siam Park City

Siam Park City features more than 30 rides and a water park with the largest wave pool in the world.
Market in Bangkok

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

The most famous of the floating markets – the one you’ve seen photographed hundreds of times –is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. You can hire a boat from any pier that lines Th Sukhaphiban 1, which is the land r…
Thai in Around Bangkok

Tarua Restaurant

Occupying three floors of the imposing ferry building, this busy seafood restaurant offers views over the harbour, an English-language menu and some excellent fish and shellfish dishes.
Cultural in Bangkok

Royal Ploughing Ceremony

His Majesty the King (or lately the Crown Prince) commences rice-planting season with a ceremony at Sanam Luang. Dates vary.
Cultural in Bangkok

Loi Krathong

A beautiful festival where, on the night of the full moon, small lotus-shaped boats made of banana leaf and containing a lit candle are set adrift on Mae Nam Chao Phraya.
Mediterranean in Phuket Province

Mom Tri’s Boathouse Regatta

The newest link in Mom Tri’s Boathouse chain, this casual but still-elegant marina restaurant with yacht views offers some of the most popular Boathouse dishes at a 30% discount. Tasting menus and live music twice w…
Handicrafts in Surin & Si Saket Provinces


Its exquisite brocade fabrics (pâh yók torng) incorporate threads made of real gold and silver, but the weaving process is just as impressive as the finished cloth. Four women, including one sitting a floor below th…