Top things to do in Tak Province

Top Choice Thai in Mae Sot


Like dining in a gentrified jungle, Khaomao-Khaofang replaces chandeliers with hanging vines, and interior design with orchids and waterfalls. Try one of the several delicious-sounding yam (Thai-style spicy salads) …
Waterfall in Um Phang & Around

Nam Tok Thilawsu

Located in the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, this waterfall is Thailand’s largest, measuring an estimated 200m high and up to 400m wide during the rainy season.
Nature Reserve in Um Phang & Around

Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary

The Nam Tok Thilawsu falls are near the headquarters of the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 50km from Um Phang, towards Sangkhlaburi in Kanchanaburi Province.The wildlife sanctuary links with the Thung Y…
Market in Mae Sot

Municipal Market

Mae Sot’s municipal market is among the largest and most vibrant we’ve encountered anywhere in Thailand. There’s heaps of exotic stuff from Myanmar, including Burmese bookshops, sticks of thanaka (the source of the …
Nature Reserve in Tak Province

Nam Tok Thararak

Nam Tok Thararak, 26km from Mae Sot, streams beside a picturesque chedi and over limestone cliffs and calcified rocks with a rough texture that makes climbing the falls easy. It’s been made into a park of sorts, wit…
Sports in Mae Sot

Thai Boxing Competition

Around April, Thai and Burmese boxers meet for a competition in the traditional style, held somewhere outside town. Five-round matches are fought in a circular ring; the first four rounds last three minutes, the fif…
Thai in Um Phang & Around

Wae Kam Der

One of the better eateries in town, the ladies here do a couple kà·nŏm·jeen (fresh rice noodles served with curry) dishes du jour, as well as a menu of Thai-style salads. Look for the semi-open structure with clay p…
Arts & Crafts in Mae Sot

Borderline Shop

Selling arts and crafts made by refugee women, the profits from this shop go back into a women’s collective and a child-assistance foundation. The upstairs gallery sells paintings, and the house is also home to a te…
American in Mae Sot

Famous Ray’s

The emphasis here is on burgers, including creative variations such as Thai (with pàt tai seasoning and sautéed morning glory) or Burmese (with curry spices and topped with Burmese-style tomato salad).
Thai in Mae Sot

Phat Thai Mae Sot

This cosy place serves pàt tai with a local twist: toppings of pork rind and barbecued pork. There's no English-language sign; look for the rustic, semi-open-air wood building.