Must-see attractions in Tak Province

  • Nam Tok Thilawsu waterfall.

    Nam Tok Thilawsu

    Tak Province

    Located in the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, this waterfall is Thailand’s largest, measuring an estimated 200m high and up to 400m wide during the rainy…

  • Thi Lo Su waterfall in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary in Tak Province in northwestern Thailand.

    Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary

    Tak Province

    The Nam Tok Thilawsu falls are near the headquarters of the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 50km from Um Phang, towards Sangkhlaburi in…

  • Nam Tok Thararak

    Tak Province

    Nam Tok Thararak, 26km southeast of Mae Sot, streams beside a picturesque chedi and over limestone cliffs and calcified rocks with a rough texture that…

  • Nam Tok Pha Charoen

    Tak Province

    Located 41km southeast of Mae Sot, this impressive waterfall with 97 limestone tiers is located in the national park of the same name. It gushes down all…

  • Border Market

    Mae Sot

    Alongside Mae Nam Moei on the Thai side of the border is an expansive market that sells a mixture of workaday goods from Myanmar, black-market clothes,…

  • Tham Ta Khu Bi

    Tak Province

    From Ban Mae Klong Mai, just a few kilometres north of Um Phang via the highway to Mae Sot, Rte 1167 heads southwest along the Thai–Myanmar border. Along…

  • Wat Phanit

    Tak Province

    A Buddhist temple in Um Phang.