Top Choice Art Studio in Surin


You may find the village of Ban Tha Sawang, 8km west of Surin along Rte 4026, a fascinating stop, even if you're not particularly turned on by weaving. Chansoma, a family-run business in a cooling garden, has made i…
Museum in Surin

Surin National Museum

Displays at this well-executed museum focus on the province's Khmer ruins and Surin's three ethnic groups: Lao, Khmer and Suai, the region's renowned elephant herders. It's 4km south of town on Rte 214. Several sŏrn…
Shrine in Surin

San Lak Meuang

Surin's gorgeous city pillar shrine, just west of Th Tanasarn, is a modern Khmer-style prang with copies of Phanom Rung's famous Narai Bandhomsindhu lintel above the doors.
Arts Centre in Surin

Queen Sirikit Sericulture Center Surin

You can see the entire silk-making process, from larva to loom, at this research centre 4km west of town. The displays (with very limited English) can be seen any time, though the weavers only work on weekdays.