Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Surin & Si Saket Provinces

Wat Lan Khuat

Officially it’s Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaeo, but these days nearly everyone calls it Wat Lan Khuat, the ‘Million Bottle Temple’. In 1982 the abbot dreamt of a þrah·sàht in heaven made of diamonds and gems. Realising that…
Top Choice Art Studio in Surin


You may find the village of Ban Tha Sawang, 8km west of Surin along Rte 4026, a fascinating stop, even if you're not particularly turned on by weaving. Chansoma, a family-run business in a cooling garden, has made i…
Ruins in Surin & Si Saket Provinces

Prasat Ta Meuan

The most atmospheric of Surin's Khmer ruins is a series of three sites in the forest on the Cambodian border known collectively as Prasat Ta Meuan. They line the ancient Khmer road linking Angkor Wat to Phimai.
Ruins in Surin & Si Saket Provinces

Prasat Sikhoraphum

Built in the 12th century, Sikhoraphum features five brick prang (Hindi/Khmer-style stupas), two of which still hold their tops (these were later modified by Lao people who controlled this area after the Khmer), inc…
Ruins in Surin & Si Saket Provinces

Prasat Ban Phluang

The 11th-century Prasat Ban Phluang, 33km south of Surin, is just a solitary sandstone prang (Hindi/Khmer-style stupa) without its top, but the wonderful carvings (including Indra riding his elephant Airavata – Eraw…
Mountain in Khao Phra Wihan National Park

Pha Mo E-Daeng

The national park is centred on this soaring cliff with fantastic views of the Cambodian plains below and, from a fortified viewpoint, you can get a distant and very limited view of the temple ruins.A short stairway…
Ruins in Surin & Si Saket Provinces

Prasat Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai

Thirty kilometres west of Si Saket via Rte 226 in Amphoe Uthumphon Phisai, Prasat Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai, built as a shrine to Shiva, features four 11th-century prang and two 'libraries' built of sandstone and brick. …
Museum in Surin

Surin National Museum

Displays at this well-executed museum focus on the province's Khmer ruins and Surin's three ethnic groups: Lao, Khmer and Suai, the region's renowned elephant herders. It's 4km south of town on Rte 214. Several sŏrn…
National Park in Surin & Si Saket Provinces

Khao Phra Wihan National Park

Khao Phra Wihan ('Preah Vihear' in Khmer) is a large Khmer temple ruin perched dramatically on a cliff 500m above the plains below. It's just over the border in Cambodian territory and currently not accessible from …
Ruins in Surin & Si Saket Provinces

Prasat Muang Thi

It's not worth a special trip, but if you happen to be driving to Sikhoraphum you may as well take a 400m detour off Rte 226 for a peep at Prasat Muang Thi. The three remaining brick prang are in sad shape (one look…