Top Choice Thai in Sukhothai


You haven’t been to Sukhothai if you haven’t tried the noodles at Jayhae, an extremely popular restaurant that serves Sukhothai-style noodles, pàt tai and tasty coffee drinks. Located about 1.3km west of Mae Nam Yom…
Thai in Sukhothai


Consisting of little more than a brick floor with a tin roof over it, Tapui claims to be the first shop in Sukhothai to have sold the city’s namesake dish, gŏo·ay đĕe·o sù·kŏh·tai (Sukhothai-style noodles). Located …
Thai in Sukhothai

Fueang Fah

Pretend you’re a local in the know and take a meal at this long-standing riverside restaurant. The speciality is freshwater fish dishes, such as the tasty 'fried fish', the first item on the barely comprehensible En…
Thai in Sukhothai

Dream Café

A meal at Dream Café is like dining in an antique shop. Eclectic but tasteful furnishings and knick-knackery abound, staff members are competent and friendly and, most importantly of all, the food is good. Try one o…
Market in Sukhothai

Night Market

A wise choice for cheap eats is New Sukhothai’s tiny night market. Most vendors here are accustomed to accommodating foreigners and even provide bilingual menus.
International in Sukhothai

Coffee Cup

The better of the places from the strip of backpacker restaurants near the historical park.