Southern Chiang Mai Province shopping

Arts & Crafts in Southern Chiang Mai Province

Ban Tawai Tourism Village

About 2km east of Hang Dong, Ban Tawai Tourism Village is a vast, pedestrian-friendly tourist market, with hundreds of small shops selling handicrafts and knick-knacks to spruce up your interiors back home. This vas…
Antiques in Hang Dong

Chilli Antiques & Arts

Chili Antiques & Arts is a massive showroom of bronze and wooden Buddhas, sculptures, woodcarvings and fine decor.
Arts & Crafts in Hang Dong

Crossroads Asia

Crossroads Asia sells ethnic art and ­antiques from across Asia and the world.
Antiques in Hang Dong


Rare and beautiful Japanese antiques, with hair-raising price tags.
Antiques in Hang Dong

De Siam

Extravagant antiques with expensive price tags.
Arts & Crafts in Hang Dong

World Port Services

Thai and Burmese handicrafts and knick-knacks, including a great selection of lacquerware.
Arts & Crafts in Hang Dong

Siripat Antique

Huge Buddhist and Hindu woodcarvings.