Diving & Snorkelling

The Similans offer diving for all levels, at depths from 2m to 30m. There are rock reefs at Ko Hin Pousar and dive-throughs at Hin Pousar, with marine life ranging from tiny plume worms and soft corals to schooling fish, manta rays and rare whale sharks. Ko Bon and Ko Tachai are two of the better diving and snorkelling areas. There are dive sites at each of the six islands north of Ko Miang. The park's southern section (Islands 1, 2 and 3) is an off-limits turtle-nesting ground.

No facilities for divers exist in the national park, so you’ll be taking a dive tour. Dive schools in Hat Khao Lak book various trips – day trips (two dives 5000B) and liveaboards (three-/six-day trips from around 19,000/35,000B) – as do Phuket dive centres (two-dive day trips from 5600B, three-day liveaboards from 18,900B).

Agencies in Khao Lak offer snorkelling-only day trips that visit three or four sites from around 2900B.

Wildlife & Hiking

The forest around Ko Miang's park visitors centre has some walking trails and great wildlife. The fabulous Nicobar pigeon, with its wild mane of grey-green feathers, is common here and is one of the park's 39 bird species. Hairy-legged land crabs and fruit bats (flying foxes) are relatively easy to spot in the forest, as are flying squirrels.

A small beach track, with information panels, leads 400m east from the visitors centre to a tiny snorkelling bay. Detouring from the track, the Viewpoint Trail, reached after about 500m (30 minutes) of steep scrambling, has panoramic vistas from the top. A 500m (20-minute) walk west from the visitors centre leads through forest to smooth a west-facing granite platform, Sunset Point.

On Ko Similan, there’s a 2.5km forest hike to a viewpoint, and a shorter, steep scramble off the north-coast beach to Sail Rock, during the day it's clogged with visitors.