Unsurprisingly, Si Racha is famous for its seafood. There are several good Thai places at which to eat it, mostly on the water. In the centre, there are also lots of Japanese eateries serving the expat community.

The Hot Sauce

Given that 'Sriracha' chilli sauce is hot stuff in the USA and elsewhere, you may expect it to be celebrated in its eponymous home town. But no. The sauce is thought to have been created in Si Racha decades ago, but it was a Vietnamese immigrant living in Los Angeles who launched the company with the rooster logo and made his sauce famous.

Thailand does have its own version (nám prík sĕe rah·chah). It is usually eaten as a dip with kài jee·o (omelette) and hŏy tôrt (fried mussel omelette), and is sweeter than the more famous rooster brand.