Buddhist Temple in Si Racha

Thai-Chinese Temple

This Thai-Chinese Buddhist temple can be found on Ko Loi, a small rocky island connected to the mainland by a long jetty at the northern end of Si Racha’s waterfront, which is fun to explore.
Island in Si Racha

Ko Loi

Attached to the mainland via a road, this rocky island hosts a Thai-Chinese temple and a viewing area for the impressive sunsets. Below the temple is a giant pond, where behemoth turtles can be fed squid (10B). This…
Park in Si Racha

Health Park

Locals fill this well-maintained municipal park every evening to practise yoga, tai chi and skateboarding. The park includes a coffee shop, jogging track and play equipment. Stick around until dusk to see bats zippi…
Notable Building in Si Racha

Municipal Building

This fancy building is home to the town's local government.
Landmark in Si Racha

Clock Tower

The clock tower is a good place to get your bearings.