Top things to do

Top Choice Bridge in Sangkhlaburi

Saphan Mon

Sangkhlaburi's iconic, 440m-long wooden bridge, the largest in Thailand, was dubbed the 'bridge of faith' after being built largely through manual labour. Saphan Mon connects the main town, home mostly to Thai and K…
Top Choice Vegetarian in Sangkhlaburi

Baan Unrak Bakery

This mostly vegan cafe, part of the nonprofit Baan Unrak organisation, is a crowd-pleaser for its meat-free pad thai, green curry and freshly baked pizzas, not to mention the homemade baked goods, from banana sponge…
Top Choice Lake in Sangkhlaburi

Khao Laem Reservoir

Backed by fuzzy green hills, the gigantic lake wrapped almost entirely around Sangkhlaburi was formed in the 1980s by the Vajiralongkorn Dam. Two of the villages submerged under the new lake were moved up to their p…
Top Choice Thai in Sangkhlaburi


Superb Isan-style dishes are served with a smile at Toy's. Offerings vary according to what's in season, but you can expect gài tôrt (crispy-coated fried chicken) and lâhp kôo·a (spicy, herb-speckled mincemeat salad…
Buddhist Temple in Sangkhlaburi

Chedi Phuttakhaya

This striking stupa rises 59m high; it's 600m southeast of Wat Wang Wiwekaram. Constructed in the style of the Mahabodhi chedi (Buddhist stupa) in Bodhgaya, India, its gold-painted, art deco-like surface is full of …
Barbecue in Sangkhlaburi

Barbecue Stall

A nameless food stand near the post office serves sensational sôm·đam (spicy green papaya salad) and barbecued lake fish.
Clothing in Sangkhlaburi

Baan Unrak Shop

Attached to the eponymous cafe, genuine Karen clothes are woven and sewn here, as well as modern scarves, embroidered bags and stripy purses. Souvenirs from 100B.
Cafe in Sangkhlaburi

Cath Coffee

Take a break from the heat with a coffee, fruity iced tea or chocolate frappe at this cheery cafe; there's also an expat-friendly menu of mac 'n' cheese and steaks.
Buddhist Temple in Sangkhlaburi

Wat Wang Wiwekaram

Poking out of the forest on the south side of Saphan Mon, this temple is the spiritual centre of Thailand's Mon people. The temple was established by Luang Phaw Uttama (1910–2006); the wí·hăhn (sanctuary) with three…
Cultural Centre in Sangkhlaburi

Sangkhlaburi Cultural Center

This little cultural centre mostly works to promote appreciation of Karen, Mon and Thai culture to local children, but visitors are welcomed inside to admire the privately owned collection of drums, rá·nâht èhk (bam…